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A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history. - Gandhi

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07/31/14 Thu
New/Upcoming Features!
We will be running trivia nights in the chatrooms for various communities! A chat bot will ask random trivia questions about the community topic. Whoever answers correctly first will win some ascendits and trivia points!

Also, notice we updated the user profiles. Check mine out! Neil's profile Now in each community you have a join (or a leave) button. The communities you join now show up on your home page and profile!

07/23/14 Wed
Recent Progress + Beta Announcement!

We have just uploaded the "Ascended Oath" which is a code of honor that our members identify with!

We have prepared a lot of great content for our stations, and we have begun a campaign to reach out to more station managers. We are rapidly moving ever closer to our full beta release! We have been and will be doing some test advertising to see how the site handles some increased traffic over the next couple weeks.

If all goes as expected, we expect to drop the beta release on September 1st! Thank you all for participating during this early Alpha stage!

07/22/14 Tue
Have you been wondering about what ascendits are for, and how to earn more? Check this link to find out! Ascendits

07/17/14 Thu
Take a look at our new alpha site tour!

New Ascended Content!
Alpha Ascended Site Overview
From Ascended Guide on Thu 03:16am 07/17/14
This is an overview covering all completed features on Ascended.us
What's With Chemtrails?
From Relentless Truth on Sat 04:20am 05/24/14
We investigate the rather cloudy topic of chemtrails, and their negative effect on humanity.
Strange Chemtrail
From Relentless Truth on Sat 02:23am 05/24/14
This is an original photo of a chemtrail with strange properties. This was shot on a clear day in southern Maine.
Mutant Tomatoes
From Relentless Truth on Sun 01:39am 04/13/14
We investigate some GMO trickery in the works.
Fluoridation Contemplation
From Relentless Truth on Sat 10:36pm 04/12/14
Waste products are being dumped into our drinking water!
Things To Look Forward To
From Relentless Truth on Fri 06:58pm 04/11/14
We go over what's to come!
Food Police - e1 : Dye-ing!
From The Food Police on Fri 09:29am 04/11/14
We look into how cheap foods disguise themselves in this investigation.
Our Program!
From The Food Police on Wed 02:48pm 04/09/14
What is on the Food Police agenda?

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Evo 2014 Grand Finals (131,000 viewers!)
From SSBM Info Hub on Sun 08:46pm 07/13/14
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Energy Repair (Preview)
From Solar Audio on Mon 11:39pm 06/30/14
This is the incomplete and subject to change background music for verse 1 and the chorus!
MLG Anaheim 2014!!!
From SSBM Info Hub on Mon 09:31pm 06/23/14
Learn about this excellent tournament here!
5m Blitz : Taming the Bishop Pair
From Will To Win on Sun 01:12am 04/13/14
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Live Blitz Chess Tactics
From Will To Win on Sun 12:44am 04/13/14
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No Roof and No Floor : An Original Music Video!
From Solar Audio on Fri 10:54pm 04/11/14
An original music video to promote freedom.