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Promoting Helplessness
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 7 months ago!
Racial Obsession
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 8 months ago!
Obama The Muslim?!
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 8 months ago!
Is Free Will Just An Illusion?
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 9 months ago!
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thumbnail Audio Compression Made Simple!

From Solar Audio on Mon 06:24pm 06/08/15

Learn how to make your audio volume levels consistent! Compression is ESSENTIAL for any professional or commercial audio project!
thumbnail Oh, You!

From Solar Audio on Tue 03:49pm 05/19/15

A fun little song for you all that I composed a long time ago.
thumbnail A Timeline Of My Chess Progress

From Will To Win on Sat 08:19pm 05/02/15

At the ripe age of 23, I decided to learn chess.
thumbnail Be Sore No More!

From Life Tips on Thu 11:00pm 04/23/15

You should not be getting sore on a regular basis! As long as you can do these things, you will be able to avoid soreness to a great extent!
thumbnail The Hidden Costs Of Facebook

From Relentless Truth on Tue 06:46pm 04/21/15

Before you give Facebook all of your information, take a moment to consider the following important information.
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