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Promoting Helplessness
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 10 months ago!
Racial Obsession
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 11 months ago!
Obama The Muslim?!
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 11 months ago!
Is Free Will Just An Illusion?
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 12 months ago!
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thumbnail Audio Compression Made Simple!

From Solar Audio on Mon 06:24pm 06/08/15

Learn how to make your audio volume levels consistent! Compression is ESSENTIAL for any professional or commercial audio project!
thumbnail Oh, You!

From Solar Audio on Tue 03:49pm 05/19/15

A fun little song for you all that I composed a long time ago.
thumbnail A Timeline Of My Chess Progress

From Will To Win on Sat 08:19pm 05/02/15

At the ripe age of 23, I decided to learn chess.
thumbnail Be Sore No More!

From Life Tips on Thu 11:00pm 04/23/15

You should not be getting sore on a regular basis! As long as you can do these things, you will be able to avoid soreness to a great extent!
thumbnail The Hidden Costs Of Facebook

From Relentless Truth on Tue 06:46pm 04/21/15

Before you give Facebook all of your information, take a moment to consider the following important information.
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