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Be Sore No More!
Uploaded from Life Tips 4 days ago!
The Hidden Costs Of Facebook
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 6 days ago!
Things Really Are Not THAT Bad
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 1 week ago!
Hillary Clinton, Web and TV Propaganda, and the Folly Of Hypnotized Americans
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 2 weeks ago!
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thumbnail The Making of Cold Snap : Ep 5

From Solar Audio on Thu 06:37pm 04/09/15

We finish up the A section, and begin the B section during this episode! Keep watching to see how the song unfolds!
thumbnail Our Next President SHOULD Be...

From Relentless Truth on Mon 10:36pm 04/13/15

This article explains who our next president needs to be.
thumbnail You Have No Idea Of What a Meme Actually is!

From Relentless Truth on Fri 12:54am 04/10/15

This is directed at a large group of people. Not necessarily you, of course! Not to say that you are off the hook, however...
thumbnail Thomas The Gank Engine

From Solar Audio on Wed 02:53am 04/01/15

Per request, I merged together an old classic with an older classic!
thumbnail The Making of Cold Snap : Ep 4

From Solar Audio on Thu 03:28am 03/26/15

Here, we go over the song form and do some basic initial sample work.
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