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No Roof and No Floor : An Original Music Video!
Uploaded from Solar Audio 4 weeks ago!
Fluoridation Contemplation
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 4 weeks ago!
Mutant Tomatoes
Uploaded from Relentless Truth 4 weeks ago!
MLG Anaheim 2014
Uploaded from SSBM Info Hub 3 weeks ago!
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thumbnail Caged Green Squawker

From Nicole Does Art on Sun 09:58am 08/03/14

This fictitious bird is ready for display!
thumbnail Love Cats (speed painting)

From Nicole Does Art on Sun 09:49am 08/03/14

I painted this during a speed painting session in Portland, ME.
thumbnail Disoriented Elephant

From Nicole Does Art on Sun 08:27am 08/03/14

Something seems to be bothering the large elephant. I wonder what it could be?
thumbnail Evo 2014 Grand Finals (131,000 viewers!)

From SSBM Info Hub on Sun 08:46pm 07/13/14

The title says it all. Hungrybox is facing Mango's pressure in this screen shot during game 5. Melee is hype!
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09/10/14 Wed
Progress Update
The updates needed for our final release have been coming along nicely. We have more work to do than expected though, so we will have to postpone the release date for a few more days. The new pages are looking awesome! I can say with absolute certainty that you will be impressed. Stay tuned! The internet's next great website is only a few days from its final release!

Also, you might notice that our Alexa ranking is rather impressive for an incomplete site. Thanks for the support! Keep checking in, folks! You won't be disappointed!