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Truth never damages a cause that is just. - Gandhi

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08/09/14 Sat
A-Wrath-Matic Update!
A-Wrath-Matic is now Beta! All features are working, and there have been several improvements! Go check it out and see how you do!
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Caged Green Squawker
From Nicole Does Art on Sun 09:58am 08/03/14
This fictitious bird is ready for display!
Love Cats (speed painting)
From Nicole Does Art on Sun 09:49am 08/03/14
I painted this during a speed painting session in Portland, ME.
Disoriented Elephant
From Nicole Does Art on Sun 08:27am 08/03/14
Something seems to be bothering the large elephant. I wonder what it could be?
Alpha Ascended Site Overview
From Ascended Guide on Thu 03:16am 07/17/14
This is an overview covering all completed features on Ascended.us
What's With Chemtrails?
From Relentless Truth on Sat 04:20am 05/24/14
We investigate the rather cloudy topic of chemtrails, and their negative effect on humanity.
Strange Chemtrail
From Relentless Truth on Sat 02:23am 05/24/14
This is an original photo of a chemtrail with strange properties. This was shot on a clear day in southern Maine.
Mutant Tomatoes
From Relentless Truth on Sun 01:39am 04/13/14
We investigate some GMO trickery in the works.
Fluoridation Contemplation
From Relentless Truth on Sat 10:36pm 04/12/14
Waste products are being dumped into our drinking water!
Things To Look Forward To
From Relentless Truth on Fri 06:58pm 04/11/14
We go over what's to come!
Food Police e1 Dye-ing!
From The Food Police on Fri 09:29am 04/11/14
We look into how cheap foods disguise themselves in this investigation.
Our Program!
From The Food Police on Wed 02:48pm 04/09/14
What is on the Food Police agenda?

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Evo 2014 Final Overview Pictures-Results
From SSBM Info Hub on Sun 10:32pm 07/13/14
Evo results!
Evo 2014 Grand Finals (131,000 viewers!)
From SSBM Info Hub on Sun 08:46pm 07/13/14
The title says it all. Hungrybox is facing Mango's pressure in this screen shot during game 5. Melee is hype!
Energy Repair (Preview)
From Solar Audio on Mon 11:39pm 06/30/14
This is the incomplete and subject to change background music for verse 1 and the chorus!
MLG Anaheim 2014!!!
From SSBM Info Hub on Mon 09:31pm 06/23/14
Learn about this excellent tournament here!
5m Blitz : Taming the Bishop Pair
From Will To Win on Sun 01:12am 04/13/14
A nice 5 minute game of chess!
Live Blitz Chess Tactics
From Will To Win on Sun 12:44am 04/13/14
Watch me work out the answers to these tactics while the clock is ticking!
No Roof and No Floor : An Original Music Video!
From Solar Audio on Fri 10:54pm 04/11/14
An original music video to promote freedom.