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If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability. - Henry Ford

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04/11/14 Fri
We just released our first video to Ascended.us as you will see in the content feed! We have more on the way over the next 24 hours!

04/06/14 Sun
The alpha tests have been successful to date. We are currently in the process of building up content, communities, and stations for the Beta release!

04/01/14 Tue
With the opening of our alpha site build, we shift our focus to content and being user friendly. We will be uploading loads of content over the next week, so stay tuned!

03/31/14 Mon
Tonight at 10pm the site goes live!

New Ascended Content!

Mutant Tomatoes
From Relentless Truth on Sun 01:39am 04/13/14
We investigate some GMO trickery in the works.
Fluoridation Contemplation
From Relentless Truth on Sat 10:36pm 04/12/14
Waste products are being dumped into our drinking water!
Things To Look Forward To
From Relentless Truth on Fri 06:58pm 04/11/14
We go over what's to come!
Food Police - e1 : Dye-ing!
From The Food Police on Fri 09:29am 04/11/14
We look into how cheap foods disguise themselves in this investigation.
Our Program!
From The Food Police on Wed 02:48pm 04/09/14
What is on the Food Police agenda?


New User Broadcasts
5m Blitz : Taming the Bishop Pair
From Will To Win on Sun 01:12am 04/13/14
A nice 5 minute game of chess!
Live Blitz Chess Tactics
From Will To Win on Sun 12:44am 04/13/14
Watch me work out the answers to these tactics while the clock is ticking!
No Roof and No Floor : An Original Music Video!
From Solar Audio on Fri 10:54pm 04/11/14
An original music video to promote freedom.