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Ascended Updates
com thumb This will be interesting I am testing my function... GL HF
11 months ago
com thumb New Look! Welcome to the new rework! For the first time, all of America has access to the Ascended Goods catalogue! The catalogue is filled with original handcrafted products created from the finest ingredients. Whenever possible, we select local, organic, raw and natural ingredients for a unique and wholesome experience. The old version of had a lot of content, which will all still be available for you to explore, and we will be periodically adding more content for entertainment! Please make yourself at home here and enjoy our website! Grab some of our uplifting products to improve your quality of life!
16 months ago
com thumb supadupa radarada
16 months ago
com thumb test test test dsdfsafsdaafsd
16 months ago
com thumb testing again hehe
16 months ago
com thumb Testing this is a test
16 months ago
com thumb New Record! Recently, we had our biggest day, with 96 unique views in a single day! Thanks for checking us out!
31 months ago
com thumb Comment Improvements Users will not have to split up their posts! We have increased the maximum comment length so you can communicate more freely. Also, we will no longer list comments in reverse order. They will go from oldest to newest, as our users have requested. Member comments do appear before guest comments, so make an account if you will be frequenting the site! Thanks for helping make better! :)
31 months ago
com thumb Amazing New Software We have just completed the Beta version of our new Collaboration software! A tutorial video will be released soon showcasing how to use this powerful new web application! Now, people from anywhere in the world have an easy way to plan and execute any ideas! Work on music, articles, campaigns, or whatever else you wish! This is currently available for Advanced members only! If you are interested in trying this software out and do not have an advanced account yet, message Neil with your project idea, and you will receive special access to the program. The software will be available for all members once it is no longer "beta".
32 months ago
com thumb Wow! I'm excited to report that activity levels have doubled since last week! Thanks everyone for checking in frequently! We will be beefing up a lot of our pages over the next few days. Specifically : - User profiles - Home tabs - Station home pages - Community pages After the noted pages get updated, get excited! We will be having trivia night for several of our communities in our Ascended chat rooms!
33 months ago
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