6 Quick Easy Natural Remedies

6. Raw Honey on Wounds
Do you have any cuts, scrapes, or surface wounds? Raw honey is AMAZING. Just cover the wound with a thin layer of raw honey after scrubbing out any dirt or contaminants. This will prevent infection1, drastically improve heal time, and reduce scarring. It works because raw honey is a powerful, safe, and effective antiseptic. There are various phyto-nutrients found within the honey that may also carry healing benefits.

5. Green Tea for Halitosis (bad breath)
Have bad breath? Green tea is just the thing! The tannins and other compounds in Green Tea can kill bacteria and neutralize bad breath! It is a subtle, quick, and healthy way to take care of a lingering problem for many! Mix with Jasmine flowers and ginger for a particularly pleasant remedy!
4. Star Anise for Sore, Scratchy, and Dry throats.
The instant soothing effect from Star Anise has brought millions of people from around the world relief for any throat and upper respiratory pain. No wonder it is an active ingredient for the product “tamiflu”!
3. Valerian Root tea for difficulty sleeping
What else can I say? It simply works! There have been many nights where a cup of Valerian root tea has helped me fall asleep when I needed it. Other ingredients can add to its effectiveness such as lavender and lemongrass.
2. Ginger for indigestion
If you have eaten something that is waging war with your insides, quit your belly aching! A glass of ginger tea can aid with digestion, and ease digestive discomfort.2 This has saved me from discomfort on a number of occasions.

1. Ginkgo Biloba for memory and focus
Does your memory need a boost? This yellow Asian tree leaf has been shown to boost the mammalian brain’s ability to retain information!3 How amazing is that?

1Mercola.com, Dr Joseph Mercola, 09/29/2014. 2Herbwisdom.com, 09/29/2014. 3Neural Regeneration Research, Jiwei Wang, Wen Chen, Yuliang Wang, Volume 8, Issue 18, Pages 1655-1662, 09/29/2014.

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