Be Sore No More!

I know a lot of people who are sore very frequently. Either they have some untreatable chronic inflammation, they get sore after workouts, or they perform many repetitive motions. If you are sore, that almost always means one of three following things.

1. Poor nourishment
2. Bad form/ergonomics
3. Poor fitness

Here are 3 short pieces of advice which will counter all 3 of these problems in order.

1. Eat organic citrus fruit every day, drink green tea regularly1, eat wild healthy fish (such as sardines, tuna fish, and salmon) twice a week, drink lots of filtered water, and research the other nutrient dense foods to include in your diet. Keep in mind that overly salty foods, and large amounts of caffeine can greatly reduce nutrient absorption. This can ruin an otherwise healthy diet, and can generate inflammation. Whenever possible, avoid frozen meals, and other highly processed foods with chemical additives. Do not drink soda! Limit your coffee intake as much as possible. Never drink energy drinks. Also, it's very important specifically to eat lots of dark green vegetables, such as kale or broccoli. Be sure to include a lot of protein in your diet! Chicken, turkey, roast beef, and steak, is excellent for protein content. Free range animals are the best, because they are generally healthier, and have a more diverse diet. Many organic beans and nuts are great sources of protein too whether or not you are a vegetarian.

2. What do you do all day? If you are slouching in a chair, if you are cycling, if you are jogging, if you are on your feet a lot, if you are lifting, or if you are doing any repetitive activity whatsoever without great form, you might be adding too much strain to your joints and other structural tissues. Maintain great posture whenever possible, and stretch out and increase your heart rate regularly (at least hourly) each day. This doesn't need to be strenuous or time consuming. Youíd be amazed at what can get done in just 30 seconds. During workout sessions, donít sacrifice posture for additional strength. Itís going to ruin you if you do. While sitting, picture yourself hanging from a string attached to the center point of your scalp. A near vertical line could be drawn from this point atop your head, through your spine down to your tailbone. Keep your shoulders square. Donít hyper-extend your knees while standing. Study ergonomics and proper exercise technique for additional progress.

3. If you have muscle soreness, lift very light weights, and exercise every muscle group at least twice a week. This way you will strengthen the smaller muscles, the joints, and the connective tissues. This will provide a strong foundation for future progress. To exercise every day or every other day is ideal. For each individual exercise, use very light weights and complete as many reps as you can until the weak muscles get tired. For those interested in bodybuilding, you have to get to a point where these light weight exercises donít tire you out and make you sore before you start heavy lifting. The last thing you must know is that itís important to increase your heart rate for at least 30 minutes or so per day, in addition to the regular stretches and warm-ups you do along with your daily activities. This will increase the blood flow to all areas of the body, and help turn you into a more effective, pain free, calorie burning machine!

Just remember that you donít necessarily have to do all of these things, and you donít have to do them all as regularly as suggested. Your rate of progress will reflect how much of this you accomplish. The diet, the exercise, and the additional focus shouldnít require more than an hour or two of your time per day. Chances are, you are already doing at least some of these things to some extent, but if all of this seems like too much to bear, then I really hate to be rude, but tough crap! Youíre lucky to be a member of the freest and most privileged species on the planet. You have internet access and enough free time and motivation to get through an article! You donít need to kill the animals yourself, and you donít need to grow or forage for your plants, so I'm sure you can make due! You have an advanced brain, centuries of technology at your disposal, and you donít have to fear for your life on an average day (or so I hope) the way that your ancestors had to! Just get it done! If you can't start big, then start with a few small things, and work your way up!

Now that you know how to fix your soreness problems, itís just a matter of making it happen. Merely within 3-6 days youíll notice at least some improvements after the initial soreness. Within even just a couple weeks you will probably feel better than youíd possibly expect! If you need any specific tips, or have any individual questions for the author, just leave us a comment! This approach is simply what we have found to work the best! Every question will be addressed! Also, if you find that this advice really helps you, consider creating an account here on! We will continue to deliver great features and content!

1Body Ecology, Unspecified, 05/28/2015.

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Okay, I'll try this stuff out, except for number 2. There's no way you can get me to exercise hourly, LOL!
Sat 05:30am 04/25/15 [reply]
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Well, for the hourly activity, it could be something as easy as going up an down a staircase and doing some stretches! Don't put too much pressure on yourself!
Sat 01:53pm 04/25/15
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This is a very good article. I like your philosophy that reflects on just how easy we have things compared to our ancestors. It really puts things in perspective. What's so bad about soda though? I drink sugar free.
Wed 06:25pm 06/17/15 [reply]
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Sugar free soda usually contains an artificial sweetener such as aspartame, which has been linked to cancer. In general, it's best to avoid artificial flavors, and pick foods that are naturally robust.
Thu 06:27am 10/22/15
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