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So I finally caved, and decided to watch the show that several friends have been talking about called, “Breaking Bad”. Now, for those who don’t know, the show is about methamphetamine. No, not just a few scenes, literally the entire show. They kept it interesting and unpredictable to some degree, but at the same time the plot rarely made any sense. On top of that, just about every character displayed schizophrenic, impulsive, and distractingly unlikable characteristics… Especially the main characters! Ol’ Walter White as he is jokingly named is a gifted science teacher / family man who tragically gets cancer, and therefore comes to the obvious conclusion that selling methamphetamine is the logical follow up.

The scenes of him throwing up and being sick traumatize the audience right from the start of the show, and it only goes downhill from there. Walter White tells boldfaced lies the vast majority of the time, especially to his friends and family, often times without reason, and calmly manipulates the other characters without blinking. The only semi-likable characters were a crooked lawyer, a drug addict, and a hit-man. Go figure. Even Walter’s son who had a speech impediment and crutches was a complete jerk. Walter’s wife was probably the least likable character on the show, but everybody already notoriously hates her, so I won’t waste time describing her cheating, lying, silent treatments, and other deplorable behavior.

So what’s so bad about a show with characters that are terrible? They paint a terrible picture of reality to people. The subject matter of the show can’t really be justified either, considering that the events as they occurred in the show didn’t even closely depict reality... Even when it tried to! Furthermore, meth has never been such a popular conversation topic either, (in my social circles, at least!) until the show came out. Now, everybody seems to know the ins and outs of the business of meth production and trafficking. Sure the acting is good (occasionally) but the subject matter and the sequence of events that occur in the show, and most importantly the terrible characters are bad enough to make me ashamed to even write an article to criticize it! I do this for you! Moving along...

Some prominent critics were giving this show so much praise, that I almost feel obligated to point out its obvious flaws, which for me made the show difficult to enjoy. If any of you still wish to tackle this twisted show, I hope you aren’t looking for plot consistency, moral value, or likable characters, because it ain’t there.

Rating Breakdown
Aesthetics : 3/5 The show had good production value, however the tasteless and excessive drug use, violence, and filth left a bad taste in my mouth.

Endurance : 2/5 The element of suspense played a huge role in the enjoyability of this show. Suffering through the show's inconsistencies once was more than enough for me, however. Still, there were some intricacies and details that could have been missed in the first sit-through, and some of the show's actors displayed some real talent, so I suppose for a certain crowd, the show has some replay value.

Effectiveness : 4/5 The show does what it sets out to do. It builds suspense, it captivates and shocks its audience, and the actors deliver their lines with great effect.

Impact : 1/5 At times, the show really seems to glorify drug use while harnessing an obsession over money. Also, because all characters lack virtue, impressionable people will probably take a mental hit from this series. Probably the worst aspect about this show's impact was that it undoubtedly brought methamphetamine into pop culture, and that in itself is quite regrettable.

-5 Overrated

TOTAL SCORE : 45/100

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