Cold Snap Introduction : The Backstory

Hey folks, as many of my friends, family, and fans will know, I have been quietly working on my first official album. This project has been in the works for about a year. Now for many of you, this is actually going to be the first youíve heard of this solo album. Unlike most of my productions which exist really just for my own amusement, this is going to be my first public release! Iíll share some composition and production techniques since a lot of people have nice ideas but donít know how to make them come to life. As of this moment, I havenít recorded, composed, or sequenced any of the song. In this episode we will show the actual song creation process!

There are many ways to go from having a blank slate to having a complete song. For this song, Cold Snap, I will be using what I think is the most organic and natural process to make a song. Rather than just messing around with notes, noodling around on an instrument, building upon some musical melody or motif, or emulating another style or artistís formula, Iím going to have the song play out the major events that occurred during the most recent and particularly harsh Maine winter.
Various details and aspects of the ordeal will guide what each section will sound like.

A B A B' A' C D E Bí A

A : Introduction + main chord progression
B : My car overheats due to frozen lines
A : back to the grind (work, life, etc)
B' The car I borrowed from my family also overheated! This time I was stuck for 2.5 hours roadside waiting in the cold, and had to miss work.
Aí : Back to the grind with B' looming over me.
C : I had a 3 day weekend trip to New Jersey planned. Upon arrival, my fellow travelers and I discovered the snowstorm caused our event to be postponed and relocated due to a collapsing venue! In spite of the complications, the event was carried out.
D : The ride back was on almost no sleep in a blizzard.
E : Finally upon returning home, everything was covered in snow and with no rest or time to relax, I had to shovel huge snowbanks and get my car into the driveway. The storm was getting worse so I called out of work. The grind is over, though. The pattern of blizzards and cold snaps made travelling to and from work while maintaining my original lifestyle impossible. I had to quit my job, and deal with the effects of the storm on my house.
B' My car failed me again, this time having frozen gas lines, and not being able to start. This resulted in my car being inoperable for an indefinite amount of time.
A : The end of the song is a return to the grind, but with new energy and a new approach. It is the part of the song that shows that winter is almost over, and I'm still on my feet pushing forward.
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Looking forward to hearing the finished product!
Wed 10:59pm 04/08/15 [reply]
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