Evo 2014 Final Overview Pictures-Results

Evo 2014 turned out to be an excellent event. Many were surprised to see it come down to Hungrybox and Mang0 in the finals. Most expected to see Armada, but Hbox showed us that he's still improving at this game even at the top level, taking puff to new heights. He did reveal his Fox attempting to counter Armada's Young Link at Pokemon Stadium, although it wasn't enough. He ended up winning the war of attrition switching back to puff, putting Armada into third place. Mang0 was in excellent form for this tournament, showing the ability to close out close sets under intense pressure. The event had upwards of 138,000 viewers on stream, and certainly, many more will be studying these matches on youtube. The top 5 spots did indeed go to the famous top 5 players, and Axe once again showed that he deserves a spot right up there with them. Looking at the character spread from the results below will show how many playable characters melee has. There were notably a lot of Fox and Falcos as usual, though. After the tournament, popular commentator Prog received Evo's "Cannon Award" for his contributions to the Melee community. Unfortunately he had to declare Evo to be his last major commentating tournament, mainly due to his chronic health problems. He did reassure everyone that plenty more good things are to come for the community, however! We wish him the best! He did a good job as always behind the mic at Evo 2014.

1. C9|Mango [$5,820] (Fox, Falco)
2. Crs|Hungrybox [$1,940] (Jigglypuff, Fox, Falco)
3. EMP|Armada [$970] (Peach, Young Link)
4. EG|PPMD [$388] (Falco, Marth)
5. EMP|Mew2King [$194] (Marth, Sheik)
5. MOR|Axe [$194] (Pikachu)
7. Fly Amanita [$97] (Ice Climbers)
7. GC|Silent Wolf [$97] (Fox)
9. Crs|Chillin (Fox)
9. VS|Plup (Samus)
9. MIOM|PewPewU (Marth, Fox)
9. Leffen (Fox)
13. Westballz (Falco)
13. VGBC|Hax (Fox)
13. S2J (Captain Falcon)
13. Fiction (Fox)
17. SS|Colbol (Fox)
17. MOR|Chudat (Ice Climbers)
17. VGBC|aMSa (Yoshi)
17. Eddy Mexico (Luigi)
17. APEX|Nintendude (Ice Climbers)
17. Lucky (Fox)
17. CT|Zero (Fox)
17. MMG|Shroomed (Sheik)
25. MacD (Peach)
25. Bladewise (Peach)
25. Swedish Delight (Fox)
25. OkamiBW
25. Hyprid
25. CTRL|The Moon (Marth)
25. Darkrain (Captain Falcon)
25. MIOM|SFAT (Fox)
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