Fluoridation Contemplation

The first serious suggestion that fluoride should be added to the water supply was from Gerald J Cox. He was a researcher from the "Mellon Institute of Industrial Research", and he promoted information on the dental benefits of fluoride. He based this idea on suggestions from the chief scientist for an aluminum laboratory, Francis Frary. Frary had to deal with fluoride waste as a byproduct from the industry, so his suggestion to Cox to add fluoride to drinking water reveals a conflict of interest! The Mellon Institute was a leading supporter of the asbestos industry as well. Keep in mind that the asbestos industry is known to have undergone countless lawsuits for its harmful effect on humans. With a track record of supporting substances like that, we are right to be worried when this institute recommends we drink fluoride waste. But what if fluoridating our water supply isn't even good for our teeth in the first place?

If we look at the findings from a National Institute of Health (NIH) scientific study, it's plain to see that there is no significant correlation between tooth decay and fluoride intake in children. Furthermore, where Fluoridation was discontinued in Canada, former East Germany, Cuba, and Finland, tooth decay still continued to decline at the same rate it had been with the fluoride! The fluoride in our water supply is not a pharmaceutical grade medication; rather it is a waste product from the Florida Phosphate mining industry. This industry has been sued many times for pollution. It's very disturbing to know that the solution to their waste problem was to excrete it directly into our water supply! Let's end this pattern of fluoridation in America!
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article posted to Relentless Truth by AscendedPost on Wed 09:35pm 09/24/14
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I've heard a lot abotu this, but this is the article that got me to realy change my mind about floride.
Thu 12:12am 04/23/15 [reply]
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