Hillary Clinton, Web and TV Propaganda, and the Folly Of Hypnotized Americans

I wonder how much cash has flowed from Hillary Clinton's budget into web marketing... She seems to have done a stellar job establishing her presence on every single page of Facebook. I know how expensive advertising can be, and all of that buzz about her campaign surely can't be a natural consequence of her leadership ability! While we're on the subject of publicity, how exactly does a candidate go about getting constant mainstream media attention? In the case of Obama, it really is perplexing how he rose from relative obscurity into becoming one of the most high profile people in the world. The media coverage of the Republican and Democratic campaigns serves as the heaviest source of exposure for an aspiring president, and the few politicians in the spotlight comprise an exclusive club reserved only for the men (and women) carefully selected by unnamed millionaires behind closed doors who represent the "Democratic" and "Republican" parties. When the largest news networks in the world only discuss two to four serious candidates, I grow weary.

Consider how far removed our media and our Federal government are from the actual people in our communities! Can you really expect them to act in the best interest of you and I, or anyone outside of the international groups of corporate warlords who handpicked them? It should be the instinct of the people to reject the corporate puppets that are put before us through the mainstream media in a world where much of our own power, wealth, and technology is used to control us, rather than to reduce our workload. The international mercenaries and domestic bullies known as the American federal government have taken away our lunch money for far too long, and we have far too little to show for it. Change isn't good enough, Obama. We need progress.

I honestly believe that this very article carries more weight, and has more influence in the upcoming election than my actual vote could ever have. Even taking into account the fact that the internet's algorithms will quickly bury this message, covering it up with trivial pop culture troll bait, I still estimate that this article has more pull than thousands of votes nobly cast for a well deserving and appropriate, yet obscure candidate. Much of what I see on FB (also in web search results, Twitter, and Youtube), is drastically embellished if not completely fabricated, and consists of content that shamelessly pulls at the heartstrings, making us vulnerable to the seemingly coincidental details that were deliberately inserted to restructure our very views on reality. Hypnotized CNN worshiping robots have replaced holy text with self destructive human propaganda. Many people rigorously stand by information from advertising claims and news reports the way they would holy canon. Various groups of people have always been fighting for our attention, but thanks to the internet, they have finally made their way into our houses. Our recent past is littered with corruption. Looking back, JFK seems to have been our last actual freethinking president, not to say that he was perfect, of course. I'm no doomsayer, though! Quite the opposite. In spite of the absurd waves of immigrant refugees being plopped into every US City; in spite of the maniacal control freaks that are acting against our best interest, us Americans still can improve the country from within our own communities, while restoring our quality of life through education and hard work. It must happen even if we continue electing ridiculous presidents.

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