MLG Anaheim 2014

MLG Anaheim 2014 had an excellent Melee event! The event had two pools to start which determined the seeding. In the first pool, Mang0 surprisingly went 0-3 vs Westballz, who has been steadily improving in recent times. Mang0 v Westballz Pools Upset This caused some people to doubt his potential to win the event. On the contrary, Armada went undefeated in his pool, taking out Hungrybox, Westballz, and Mang0 among the others in his star studded 8 man pool. In the second pool, PPMD (Dr. PeePee) ended up taking first place PPMD conquering M2K, Leffen, and Axe. Interestingly, he did drop a set to Leffen. PPMD v Leffen Pools Upset The bracket brought some very interesting results! Mang0 cleanly took first place without dropping any sets. In the grand finals, he ended up going 3-2 against Armada. In game 1, Mang0 won solidly. For game 2, Armada took Mang0 to Fountain Of Dreams, and ended up winning after Mang0 overextended himself trying to style on Armada off stage. Mang0 wasn't shook though, winning the set 3-2. The footage was posted to a rogue channel at this location! Mang0 Armada Grand Finals The final results are as follows.

1. C9|Mang0 $5000 (Fox, Falco)
2. P4K.EMP|Armada $3000 (Peach, Young Link)
3. P4K.EMP|Mew2king $2250 (Sheik, Fox, Marth, Captain Falcon)
4. EG|PPMD = $1750 (Falco, Marth)
5. Leffen = $1000 (Fox)
5. Axe09 = $1000 (Pikachu, Young Link)
7. Crs|HungryBox $500 (Jigglypuff)
7. VGBC|Hax $500 (Fox)
9. OXY|Westballz (Falco, Captain Falcon, Fox)
9. thelegendofLucky (Fox)
9. MIOM|PewPewU (Marth)
9. VS|Plup (Samus)
13. MMG|Shroomed
13. S2JFALCON (Captain Falcon)
13. fiction (Fox)
13. VS.SS|Colbol (Fox)
17. SS|Soft (Jigglypuff) 17. VGBC|aMSa (Yoshi)
17. LLL|Remen (Falco)
17. CT|Zero (Fox)

There were some excellent interviews, my favorite being the one conducted by team liquid with the Pikachu player, Axe. Axe Interview Congratulations to all of the above names for their spectacular performances and proficiency in the game we all know and love!
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