Our Next President SHOULD Be...

Okay, big government. Okay, mainstream news media. Okay, Commander in Chief. We've given you more than enough chances. You have failed us. You have promised us progress, but it has yet to arrive. We have lost many good men and women while attacking innocent countries on the premise of proven lies. You have the blood of thousands upon thousands of innocent middle eastern men, women, and children on your hands. You have forgotten that you work for us, the people, and we are the boss, not you. You have a job to do, and if you don't do it, it's the people's job to step in. Using all means necessary, the people will remove you from power, and replace you with someone who will act in our best interest.

You have created countless laws that do nothing more than hinder and cripple our citizenry, while you condone mad science2. Now wild species are in serious danger1. You've made it difficult to own land, difficult to travel, difficult to receive health care, difficult to have privacy, and difficult to do business. You've contaminated our water supply with fluoride, you ignore alternatives to chemotherapy3, petroleum4, and war among other things. You sanction many harmful chemicals, and you ban many important and harmless ones. There is NO EXCUSE!

Our next president needs to be someone who understands the depth of corruption in our government, and must be willing to make the difficult decisions needed to change it. He must have great talent, excellent moral character, and intelligence. He should be willing and able to defend his actions and his beliefs with sound logic. He should be someone who has done great things with his life, and has proven that he will deliver success. He needs to be willing to break up the monopolies that exist, and he absolutely must be willing to reduce the military budget by a large margin. He must be willing to abolish the federal reserve, and fix the economy. You'll know who he is because he will be slandered by the news media. You will discover he has excellent grassroots funding. He will be willing to acknowledge and expose the lies of our recent past, and he will be willing to stop the excessive immigration. The final and most telling characteristic about this president is that he will show respect for the American constitution, and be particularly fond of the bill of rights. He won't be an ordinary handpicked Democrat or a Republican, either.

Do you think this type of president will emerge? Judging from previous elections, it wouldn't seem so. Ron Paul5 was the closest we've had recently, but the mainstream media didn't elevate his campaign the way they did with their favorite candidates, McCain and Obama.

1NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering, 04/14/2015. 2Food Democracy Now!, Richir Outreach, 04/14/2015. 3Burzynski: Cancer Is Serious Business, Eric Merola, 04/14/2015. 4Review of Who Killed the Electric Car, Chris Paine, 04/14/2015. 5RonPaul.com, Unspecified, 04/14/2015.

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article posted to Relentless Truth by AscendedPost on Mon 10:36pm 04/13/15
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Ron Paul is the man! I actually voted for him lol
Thu 03:39am 04/23/15 [reply]
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