Real Health Freaks Inside!

In my mind, there is only one type of health freak, and that is someone who doesn’t care about their health! It doesn’t matter what you do, who you are, or what you want. Being healthy will make your life better.

In my teens, I used to drink soda, but now I don’t. The feeling it leaves in your gut about an hour after you drink it is not pleasant. Cramps aren’t so fun either. Nor are caffeine and sugar crashes. When offered a soda at work once, I quickly refused, and the astounded colleague replied somewhat jokingly, “You’re not a health freak are you?” to which I replied, “Actually, no I’m not, I just find it has no redeeming qualities”. I find it silly to even have these conversations with people! The soda itself makes up little of the actual cost of the product. The dollar fifty you are spending for those good ol’ 2.5 servings of chemicals you are about to drink essentially just paid for the ridiculously expensive ad space they purchase. I’m all about high calorie foods. Give me cheese, give me chocolate, butter, I don’t care. But why would anyone drink soda of all things? Low grade sugar in the form of HFCS, harmful food dyes, preservatives, flavor enhancing chemicals, caffeine extract… It just doesn’t belong in the human body for any reason. It may not get you drunk, but it still will attack your liver, since the high fructose corn syrup is not digestible in the stomach. Soda isn’t the lone culprit. Too many packaged foods on the supermarket shelves are no better than soda, either.

Am I a health nut? I mean, I don’t really think so. I guess somewhere along the way, I started to get sick and tired (literally) of dealing with cramps, the common cold, indigestion, and reduced mental and physical performance. I just figured out that the human body needs a wide variety of rich compounds, and the best way to get everything necessary is from organic whole ingredients. If I am going to be having something bad for my health, at least give me something with some other compensating quality. I wouldn’t advocate eating just the ideal foods… That would make it more expensive, time consuming, and difficult to get enough calories. I would suggest though, that everyone just needs to find the right balance, while making sure to avoid the worst of the worst altogether.
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