Ridiculous Ebola Panic

The first outbreak of the disease occurred in 1976 in two simultaneous cases in Congo and Sudan1. Since then, various outbreaks have occurred throughout the world. Flights are being cancelled, it's all over the news, and people seem really worried. Sure, it isn't fun to have Ebola, but Americans have little if anything to worry about when it comes to the disease. Andrew Noymer, A public health professor who studies infectious diseases says, "...It's just not highly transmittable"2. AIDS is a far more widespread disease, and it even has a similar method of contraction! No flights are cancelled when someone with AIDS boards a plane. Unless you've had contact with infected bodily fluids to an open wound, you will be okay. People are dying all the time from various diseases, and it's terrible, but just keep in mind that 9,216 people are reported to have contracted the disease in over 30 years, and mostly in less developed countries. This does not warrant widespread panic. The supervisor of this team wasn't even wearing a suit near the Ebola victim!3

The big news media is always ready to promote their next big story, and the US government is always looking for more excuses to control its citizens. Let's not blow this Ebola thing out of proportion.
1World Health Organization, 09/29/2014. 2CBS News, Carter Evans, 09/29/2014. 3NY Daily News, Jason Molinet, 09/29/2014.
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I am reminded of the Swine Flu scare all over again.
Mon 04:54pm 10/20/14 [reply]
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Tue 02:45pm 11/11/14 [reply]
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