The Big House 4 (TBH4)

The Big House 4 aka TBH4
TBH4 brought us many great matches as can be seen on VGBC1.

1: C9 Mang0 - Fox, Falco, Falcon, Marth ($2,296)
2: P4K | Mew2King - Marth, Sheik ($1148)
3: Leffen - Fox ($861)
4: P4K | Armada - Peach ($574)
5: Huggies | Lucky - Fox ($287
5: VGBC | Hax - Fox ($287)
7: IPG | Kels - Fox, Sheik ($143.50)
7: Westballz - Falco ($143.50)

The most enigmatic part of this tournament for me involved M2k and Mango. In the past year, M2k seems to have picked Marth in his matches with Mango. This time, he started out with Sheik, and ended up taking game 1 after hitting some low % kills. The pros generally agree that the edge guarding game is the main reason Sheik could ever beat fox, who seems to have a far easier neutral and punish game on stage. M2k kept up the momentum and ended up going 3-0 vs Mango in the winnerís semis. Mango didnít look too worried about it after the match, but it was interesting to see 20xx get beat up by the recently underrepresented character, Sheik. It was just winnerís semifinals, so I suspect the pressure wasnít really a factor for either player, which benefits M2k more than Mango. Historically Mango seems to draw the most from his ability during pressure situations. When we ended up in the finals, M2k started out with Marth, which really surprised me considering that his Sheik played so well. Perhaps he felt Mango wasnít playing cautiously during winners semifinals. Perhaps he thought his Sheik wouldnít fare so well against Mango with his back to the wall. Both players put on an excellent show, but Mango pulled through and once again came out on top. As for M2k, will he play Sheik next time vs Mangoís spacies? Iíd imagine so. Iím looking forward to seeing it!
A hero of the Midwest, Kels had an excellent tournament, and seemed to enjoy having the crowd behind him. He had a big win vs Axe. I was sad to see one of my favorite players get eliminated, but Axe still had his moments. He got some nice edge guards, some long combos, and he did manage to win 1 game. Axe did appear rather tired during the set though, but maybe he just missed his thunderous followers in the background.
Armada may have only gotten 4th, but he played excellently throughout this tournament. We all know he can 4 stock almost anybody, but who expected to see him cold-bloodedly 4 stock Darkrain in the last game of their set?! Armada had the closest match with Leffen, and with both players on the last stock of game 5, Leffen barely finished Armada off after a clutch comeback! Leffen v Armada

1Video Game Bootcamp, Gimr, 09/29/2014.
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