The Greatest Show You Have Not Seen

In the sea of practically unwatchable TV content, there certainly are several gems to be found. Boston Legal was one of them. It aired from 2004-2008, and starred James Spader and William Shatner. Spader plays Alan Shore, a brilliant smooth talking lawyer who is a heavy hitter for a big law firm.

He finds himself at odds with various members of the cast, while having won over the affection of the rest. He's a likable guy who is just bad at playing by the rules. It’s brilliant. Shatner plays Denny Crane, the primary founder of the whole firm. His only problem is, he is almost certainly losing his mind. He forgets what he’s talking about while he’s talking about it, he hits on younger women (and older women too), he shoots a gun off in his office (on more than one occasion), and he doesn’t have much of a filter when he talks. He may be past his prime, but he’s still got enough skill to spare, and seeing him come through just when you expect it the least is one of the most satisfying aspects to the whole show! He also reveals that he is a caring and sentimental guy underneath the suit and the big personality. An underlying theme throughout the show is that his colleagues want to get rid of him on the grounds that he’s a liability to the firm, but whenever anyone tries to question his authority, he points to his name’s inscription and says, “name’s on the door!” Can you guys already see how amazing this show is?

Boston Legal is one of the few shows that has both great comedy and great drama. I had decided to watch the show after seeing a clip from a fan video on Youtube. In this scene, Alan Shore (played by James Spader) was in a bar. After exchanging words with a tough guy that was trying to steal his woman, he got punched. Instead of breaking into a bar fight, he whips out his wallet and pays a bunch of dudes to beat the guy up. The guy presses charges, and Alan ends up defending himself in court. My description of the scene doesn’t do it justice, so you’ll have to see it! The main characters grow in many ways throughout each season, and off the top of my head, I can’t even think of a single bad episode… The only reason I can think of that might explain how it got cancelled after its fifth season is that the humor, the drama, and the social commentary may escape the less intellectual crowd. The average age of the cast was comparatively high next to other big shows on TV, which might result in the loss of the interest of the younger crowd. But come on! Even the side characters, and supporting cast is memorable. Take for example, Jerry Espenson, an intelligent yet socially awkward lawyer with Asperger syndrome who has encyclopedic knowledge about law. His unlikely yet believable friendship with Alan is classic, as the socially savvy Alan Shore helps him get over his social awkwardness. They end up working together frequently, and even face off in court for an episode or two!
Unlike with much of TV, most of the episodes are truly unpredictable, and the humor is genuinely hilarious. The characters are likable, and the plots are interwoven and captivating! I recommend this show to anyone who can appreciate good character development, moral dilemmas, real suspense and drama, and of course some of TV’s finest comedy.

Aesthetics 4/5
The music starting right from the opening theme was great. The camerawork and scenery wasn't bad either.
Endurance 4/5
I have been through this series a few times, and may just watch it again! Boston Legal never gets old. I can't give a perfect score in this category, because the show was cancelled a bit early and without warning in season 5.
Effectiveness 5/5
Boston Legal is hilariously entertaining, and even suspenseful. Perfect score in this category!
Impression 4/5
The show leaves a good impression on its watchers. It's delightful, suspenseful, and satisfying. The abrupt and somewhat disappointing ending is the only thing that keeps me from giving it a full 5 points.

+5 under appreciated

TOTAL SCORE : 91/100

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I completely forgot about this show lol, maybe I'll rewatch it :)
Tue 01:23pm 11/11/14 [reply]
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