The Hidden Costs Of Facebook

Businesses have always collected their customers' data, and I am not necessarily against it. That being said, I begin to worry when peopleís private conversations and interactions with their friends are being mined for keywords. FB wants your phone number, life events, your age, your address, and much more! If people want to submit this information on their own accord, thatís one thing, but the aggressive data collection efforts cause many to give out more information than they should. The fact that businesses are going over peopleís FB before hiring them alone should make a lot of people weary about sharing their entire life online.

Facebook seems like itís free. The costs of FB are quite real, however. Historically, social interactions were largely private and unrecorded, but now every interaction between growing portions of our population is being harvested and monetized. This new type of extremely specific targeted advertising is very effective; so in the case of rip-off deals, or bad products, users may not have the power to resist buying. Sometimes purchasing the product is a good idea, but that is clearly not always the case. FB has the inside knowledge to exploit your vulnerabilities, and to get you to buy whether it's good for you or not. Some products, services, and information tailored for your eyes only could aim to take advantage of you, so think twice before believing what you read, and buying what you see.

The images which are related to security contradict the text suggesting that their ultimate goal is to make the world more open.

Nobodyís perfect, and everyone has bad days. People like to let loose and turn off their filter sometimes. Theyíre only human! It feels good to vent, and people who primarily use FB to express themselves could permanently compromise some of their credibility. Sometimes people become intoxicated and start typing things into FB that they will obviously regret the next day. Do you really want this type of thing to be forever saved in a database which is regularly analyzed? Do you think you can delete your information? Well, you canít. Once anything is saved onto FBís servers, itís their property.1 The aggressive data collection gives advertisers real power over us because they can exploit our fears, profit off our prejudices, exploit our emotions, and whatever else they figure out they can do with our info to make money. Iím not saying donít use FB. It has its uses. I am saying that everyone should post with caution. Keep in mind that the less info you give them, the less power they have over you.

Luckily, allows its users to delete and modify their own data at their own choosing! Private interactions between users are truly private, and no third party is going to stick their noses into your business here! Help us grow, and tell a friend! Thatís something you can feel good about posting on FB!

To sum it all up :
1. Users are enticed into thinking they are getting a free service.
2. Users are encouraged to open up, and are given the illusion of control over their uploaded content.
3. Facebook, the government, and even prospective employers will scrutinize your information as they deem fit, so proceed with caution!

1Facebook does not erase user-deleted content, ZDNet, 04/21/2015.

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Facebook has changed a lot since it came out.
Tue 09:03pm 04/21/15 [reply]
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Indeed. Specifically for me, the timeline feature was a major surprise when they introduced it. I never liked the concept.
Fri 12:45am 04/24/15
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I closed my FB account years ago, and I don't miss it one bit!
Fri 03:07am 05/01/15 [reply]
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I mostly just use Facebook to talk to the people I don't see otherwise.
Sun 10:01pm 05/31/15 [reply]
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Facebook and its big brother all knowing information collection about every detail of our lives gives me the creeps big time. I wouldn't touch that site with a ten foot pole.
Wed 06:34pm 06/17/15 [reply]
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