The Making of Cold Snap : Ep 4

Below, you will find our project's song form. The trials and tribulations of my winter are to be played out in each song section. The little apostrophe means that the part is similar to its counterpart, but not completely the same. Same goes for the double apostrophe.

A B A B' A' C D E B'' A''

This here is the key which will summarize the inspiration behind each section of our song. For a more detailed version of the chart below, check out this article.
A = Intro/main theme
B = Event 1
A2 = Main theme
B' = Event 2 (a far more severe setback)
A' = The main theme with a few twists
C = A crazy journey
D = The trip back during the worst storm of the year
E = I return to a tough situation
B'' = I get kicked while I'm down!
A'' = The road to a better tomorrow
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article posted to Solar Audio by Neil on Thu 03:28am 03/26/15
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Is that FL Studio? What version do you have? Also, did you make this website, or buy it?
Fri 12:28am 04/03/15 [reply]
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Hey, Guest! I'm using vsn 10. This is a homegrown website made from scratch! No templates :) Much more to come soon! Thanks for watching my documentary!
Fri 04:49pm 04/03/15
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