The Making of Cold Snap : Ep 5

Alright! For part B, I did a lot of work in a short amount of time. Allow me to elaborate on some of the musical theory behind what you hear!

Deceptive Cadence : The beginning section is composed in the key of E, and in music theory whenever you hear the 5th chord, it tends to want to drop down a 5th (5 scale steps) back to the root. For the deceptive cadence, the 5 chord will surprisingly rise to the unexpected 6 chord, and as you can see, I went from B to the C chord as we advance into part B! This way, the listener will feel the surprise I felt when my car overheated on the way to work!
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article posted to Solar Audio by Neil on Thu 06:37pm 04/09/15
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Is there anything you want me to do more / less / different in these? Have any feedback for the series? All feedback appreciated!
Sat 01:39am 04/18/15 [reply]
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Upon listening to the work done in this episode again, I figured out what I want to do during our next episode to beef it up, and get it sounding better. It's got some good ideas, but it still needs development. I'll release episode 6 and possibly 7 this weekend.
Wed 04:15am 04/22/15 [reply]
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The first half sounds good but the last couple measures or whatever sound a bit off.
Wed 04:15am 04/22/15
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