Things Really Are Not THAT Bad

Things aren’t so bad here in America! I know the last couple uploads to Relentless Truth were quite critical of the current system, but it's tough love! I care about the country, and I'm not so much complaining about the current state of things, as much as trying to motivate America to dig in our heels, and stop giving away our rights. It's time to pay attention to what is taking place in our system. We have some bad seeds, and that's all they are. Americans in general are still able to live well, as long as they are able to jump through a few hoops.

Maybe we do have puppet presidents, and maybe our corporations are a bit out of control in some cases. Maybe we are not being so honest about why we are fighting all these wars. Well, we’ve all got our problems, and the fact is that right now at least, things could be worse, and they certainly are worse in other parts of the world. Like biological life, a growing country can sometimes get sick. We just have a bad cold. Even so, under the hood everything is still working fine. We have an abundance of food, although not all of it is worth celebrating. Still, an informed consumer can find a nice variety of quality options. While some of our governmental members within various departments are seeking to control the population, we still have a lot of freedoms. The tactics they can use to acquire control are still limited. Yes, since 2001, Americans lost several of their rights and liberties with the Patriot Act, but it was rushed into legality one month after Sep 11 2001 while Americans were in a state of shock. This infamous event was used as an excuse to boost control domestically, and to go on the military offensive abroad. Nobody in our country, except maybe those that are frightened easily actually think the Patriot Act is a good idea. It's received very heavy criticism, and even the mainstream news media has some negative things to say about it1. Americans still have the right to bear arms, and we still do have the internet. Yes, they want to take away guns, but we do still have them, so what does that tell you? It tells me that the power still exists in favor of the American people, and as long as we remember that, we will be prosperous in this great nation for a long time to come. Even though I personally believe that the Democratic and Republican party paradigm is a broken one, we still have the right to pick anyone we want for president! That has to mean something!
1The NY Times, Adam Liptak, 04/14/2015.
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You should do an article about everything wrong with colleges!
Thu 01:30pm 04/16/15 [reply]
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Nothing's wrong with colleges. It's what you do with your education that matters.
Thu 07:17pm 04/16/15
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I mean, there are some obvious issues with colleges these days, but we can't really lump them all together, they are all different. That being said, it really does depend on what kind of work you are looking for if college is good for you. That's how I see it, anyway.
Thu 07:20pm 04/16/15
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