What Factors Matter?

Welcome to Real Reviews! We look at products, movies, services, and places! The most unique and useful thing about our reviews, is that we place heavy importance on the item's impact on society and the environment! Let's look over the four categories that affect an item's rating!

For each category, we reward 0-5 stars.
0 = Neglectful
1 = Awful
2 = Below Average
3 = Average
4 = Great
5 = Perfect

1. Aesthetics (weight : x2)
How does this product look, smell, taste, feel, or sound? Is it sleek and seamless, or is it clunky and rough?

2. Endurance/Consistency (weight : x2)
In the case of physical items, are they long lasting? In the case of services, are the services steady, or inconsistent? In the case of media, we are more concerned with replay value for this category.

3. Effectiveness (weight : x3)
Does the item in question function properly? Is it useful? Does it serve its intended purpose, and if it does, how well does it do so?

4. Impact (weight : x3)
Sure the item might work, it may look nice, and last forever. But does it pollute the environment? Does it take a toll on your physical or mental health? Does it teach bad lessons? Does it contribute to a healthy society, or detract from it? These are the types of questions we ask ourselves to determine the item's impact.

Bonus Points :

Cost Effectiveness +-10
-10 ridiculous
-5 unreasonable
0 somewhere in the middle
+5 thrifty
+10 bargain

Uniqueness +-10
-10 shameless knockoff
-5 run in the mill
0 somewhere in the middle
+5 fresh
+10 brilliant and innovative

Public Appreciation +-5
-5 overrated / over appreciated
0 somewhere in the middle
+5 underrated / under appreciated

Final Score Process
1. Determine product's star rating for all 4 categories.
2. Multiply the stars by the corresponding multiplier.
3. Add these numbers together.
4. Multiply the total by two.
5. Add bonus points and subtract penalties.
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