You Have No Idea Of What a Meme Actually is!

You can go all over the internet finding examples of pictures with some kind of caption. To anyone under the age of 12, this is what "meme" means. The word meme describes something more than just an image with a caption, though. "Meme" has been in use since the early 1900s to describe genetic traits, and similar self replicating entities. In general, a meme is a self replicating idea. They are characterized by their ability to reproduce through human minds or other informational databases. Also, a meme doesn't have to be a picture. It doesn't even need to exist at all in physical form! Take a look at this false meme below.

The image above is just an image with captions. It is promoted as if it's a meme, but in reality it's just content created for some website. The funny thing is though, it contains several memes within it!

- The cats meme is a self replicating series of "comedic" cat images.
- The abundance of images with silly captions is in itself a meme.
- "That Moment When" is a popular conversational and social networking phrase. It is in itself a meme.
- Pointing out the awkwardness of a situation is another prevalent meme.
- For the more intuitive observers, you will notice a more subtle meme which I will call the "meme website meme". This is basically a new marketing strategy where people generate mindless content while trying to go viral. As you can see, the result is usually a waste of web space. is (was) just one of many more like it.

It's obvious that memes aren't actually alive... But in many ways they are!

They have lifespans.

Survival of the fittest applies to them as it does to us.

As they reproduce from person to person, computer to computer, or whatever to whatever, changes are made that trigger more people to share them, simulating evolution!

They don't have cellular biology, but they can be compared to a virus. At times they can be destructive, specifically when they contain incorrect information, or promote stupid behavior. Simply understanding memes will help immunize your brain, and stop you from absorbing and reflecting the more harmful and dis-informational breeds that come your way! To some, memetics is actually a subject of study. --Just something to think about!

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