About Ascended.us

Ascended.us is a content rich and uniquely customizable environment that delivers useful and entertaining insights with every click! We are looking to attract competitive and intellectual people who wish to further expand and inspire their minds through great content! Joining is quick and easy! Once you have an account, you can select any of the stations and communities that interest you, while filtering out the rest. A station is a place for users to broadcast their content from. We have four different stations so far for you to tune into! From each station, you can enjoy articles, images, and videos being released regularly! Check out some of our Stations that will begin weekly updates after our official launch on September 7th!

Life Tips

Life tips is a station that offers a plethora of tips for folks who are living out on their own, and want to live better! These tips will save you money, improve your future, and free up your time! This stuff is an absolute “must” for anyone between the ages of 20 and 40, and at least a “probably should” for everyone else!

Food Police

Don’t take this the wrong way, America, but when it comes to food, you’re doing it wrong! Due to imaginary improvements to the judicial system, the Food Police are on duty and they are very busy correcting a lawless food society. This station is perfect for anyone with a stomach! As a bonus, each video includes original background music from our music staff!

Nicole Does Art

Our lovely staff member, Nicole will be sharing her incredible art with you all! This is a must-subscribe for everyone! Enjoy and be inspired by her paintings, drawings, quilts, and other artwork!
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Solar Audio

Our resident expert musician is more than willing to share his understanding and technique that he has accumulated! We go over various songs from different genres, and pick each song apart so you can really know what’s going on! Tune into our weekly series covering music theory, and gain a new understanding about all music! We will have music lessons for random instruments that we have lying around! If you like music, definitely subscribe to this station! We'll even get into sound production, and mastering! We will even get into composing and arranging! This is just too much guys, don't miss it if you are at all interested in music!

We also have plenty other sub communities for you to sift through, along with chat, games, and other interactive features! All users have their own profile. People that frequent our site will earn “Ascendits” automatically for participating! These can be spent for site goodies like stylings on their username, or perhaps their own station, chatroom, and adspace! We have interactive friend features, homepage widgets, station subscriptions, communities to join, and links to relevant content from all over the web!