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We are a community of people who enjoy the fast paced and competitive game that entertains and challenges millions around the world.

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The Big House 4 (TBH4)
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39 months ago
Evo 2014 Final Overview Pictures-Results
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42 months ago
MLG Anaheim 2014
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43 months ago
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35 months ago
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station thumb Apex 2015 Apex 2015 was an up and down tournament. Day 1 was cancelled due to the fact that parking was closed and a fire alarm was pulled. The whole tournament was held in 2 days in a completely different venue 40 minutes away. Regardless, the tournament was a success!
From SSBM Info Hub 35 months ago
station thumb Melee Update SOLAR : I will be participating in the Mass Madness tournament on November 8th! Should be good!
From SSBM Info Hub 39 months ago
station thumb Justice 4 Results In case you haven't seen the results yet for Justice 4, here you go!

1st - (EMP) Armada
2nd - (VGBC) Hax
3rd - (POOR) Zhu
4th - (CTRL) The Moon
5th - (CTRL) DJ Nintendo
7th - G$
7th - Vist
7th - Animal
From SSBM Info Hub 39 months ago